Mini Movers

B Inspired provides Resources, One-to-One and Group Sessions and Short Courses for parents and families of babies and children in the early years.

We can help you:

  • Feel in control by providing you with knowledge, more time, and tools to stay on top of the day-to-day chores
  • Be Happier through more knowledge, confidence, positive relationships, community and self-care
  • Enjoy your time with your children more through activity ideas, solutions for making more time, tips for enjoying the outdoors and doing things for free
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Help your child be happy with ideas, knowledge and support
  • Build your confidence through knowledge, community, support, healthy relationships and ideas
  • Become more-informed and knowledgeable through talks, ideas, top tips, community support
  • Allow for natural development calmly and confidently
  • Have a better relationship with your spouse/partner and others through better communication, self-care and time
  • Develop better partnerships with your child’s educator/carer

Free Advice and Top Tip Videos

Check out our YouTube Channel for lots of free Advice and Top Tips.

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Mini Moves Gear

B Inspired have developed simple but effective resources for children in the early years as well as published a book about how young children learn through movement and activities.

They will give you lots of knowledge and ideas of things to do with your children and they make great presents!

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Mini Yo! Online Course

Learn how to do yoga with your child.

The Mini Yo! course covers a series of moves and activities using simplified yoga poses. The course:

  • Five Modules
  • Individual yoga poses
  • Three levels of difficulty of each pose
  • Yoga Stories
  • Explore the benefits of yoga and each pose

It is quick to work through and will give you the confidence to do something amazing with your child/children!


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One-to-One Sessions

Tania Swift, B Inspired Founder, Early Years Physical Development and Wellbeing Specialist and Author can provide support to parents and families in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Bath & North Somerset

Please get in touch if you would like to have an initial chat with Tania about you and your child.

During Mini Yo!, Tania intuitively picks up on how a child is feeling and allows them to express themselves thoughtfully through play, through actions, through expressions and animals; creating a story which takes them on an adventure to lift and soothe their soulsLottie Keble-Wyatt, Director – Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival