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B Inspired Courses

B Inspired provides online and face-to-face courses, support tools and resources for teachers, early years practitioners and parents/carers.

The courses for teachers and early years practitioners will support you to deliver quality physical activities and PE lessons in-line with the EYFS, supporting the development and attainment of young children.

We also provide shore courses for both parents/carers and educators, such as Mini Yo! to help you with activity ideas.

All courses are Approved by the Association of Physical Development Professional Development Board


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Spring Term Webinars

We are providing the following courses this Spring Term and can’t wait for you to join us:

Course 1: Early Years Physical Development

£129/£79 (incl. 6 1-hour Webinar Sessions, Online Modules, Resource Pack/No Resource Pack)

Tuesdays: 12th January to 23rd March 4pm – 5pm

Thursdays: 14th January to 25th March 10am – 11am

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Course 2: Learning through Movement and Active Play in the Early Years

Combination of Course 3, 4 and 5 Webinars

£129 (incl.6 1-hour Webinar Sessions (below courses), Online Modules, Book)

Course 3: Literacy, Communication and Language through Movement and Play

Thursdays: 21st & 28th January 4pm – 5pm

£45/59 (incl. 2 1-hour, no Book/with Book)

Course 4: Mathematics through Movement and Play

Thursdays: 4th & 11th February 4pm – 5pm

£45/59 (incl. 2 1-hour, no Book/with Book)

Course 5: PSED through Movement and Play

Thursdays: 11th & 18th March 4pm – 5pm

£45/59 (incl. 2 1-hour, no Book/with Book)

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Online Courses

The Online Courses are provided in short modules allowing you to complete them as and when it suits you. 


1. Early Years Physical Development

2. Mini Yo! – Yoga-based Moves and Activities

3. Early Years Physical Development – FREE Taster Session

Find out more or sign up for a FREE Taster Session!

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Early Years Physical Development

(0-3 years or 4-7 years)

2 Days

This course is aimed at developing practitioner’s knowledge and skills, enabling them to deliver high quality physical activities and physical education.  What you will get from the training:

  • More confidence to plan activities with a focus on skill development
  • Understanding and knowledge about children’s physical development in the early years
  • Links with other programmes and resources
  • Linking physical development with all areas of learning / subjects
  • Knowledge of how to support children with physical issues
  • Delivering all areas of learning through physical activities
  • Impact of physical activity on learning
  • Environment and Risk Taking
  • Activity Ideas to incorporate into your daily plan

PE & Activity Role Modelling

This is an interactive day/s in your school or early years setting where we will deliver sessions with one or all of your rooms, nursery, reception and KS1 classes.  Teachers and early years practitioners will be involved in the sessions, allowing them to develop their knowledge and practice in a “real-world” situation.  The aims of the session:

  • More confidence, knowledge and understanding in order to deliver activities
  • Tips to make your activities engaging and effective
  • Activity Ideas
  • Differentiation and Progression
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Cluster, Network and Inset Training

Any of the above courses or bespoke training can be delivered at a reduced rate at a venue of your choice to:

  • Schools in your cluster or network
  • Groups or chains of nurseries and early years settings.
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