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Mini Moves Cards

The Mini Moves Cards are a collection of movement skills children need to develop and animals to encourage them to move in different ways. 

These cards will encourage children to move while supporting the development of their literacy and mathematics skills. 

Mini Yo! Cards

Mini Yo! is an exciting and fun way to help children of all ages, in your care, develop physically, emotionally and creatively.

There are 20 different moves and ideas in the pack. The cards can be used for relaxing as well as being active. Try the story ideas for more high impact activity, which will engage children; young and old.

Fantastic Elastic

Fantastic Elastic is a large circular elastic accompanied by activity ideas.

The elastic helps children to focus and engage better in physical activities.  It can also help to make simple moves more fun!

Lion and the Chair Resource Book

The book includes 34 pages of activities and ideas, including:

The Lion and the Chair Picture Story⠀
Mini Mo! – Yoga-based Moves and Stories⠀
Mini Moves – Movement and Play⠀
Mini Mins – Learn about Emotions⠀
Mini Maths – Numbers and Mathematics⠀
Little Linguists – Learning Language⠀
Mini Motor – Drawing and Colouring

Move Resource Pack

All our resources in one place at a reduced cost! The pack includes:

  • Mini Yo! Yoga Cards

  • Mini Moves Physical Skill Cards

  • Fantastic Elastic Resource

  • Lion and the Chair Activity Book

* All prices are inclusive of VAT, Postage and Packaging

Swift Learning Through Movement

Written in an accessible and practical style, this book explains the importance of physical activity for promoting young children’s cognitive learning, wellbeing and physical development and sets out tips and examples for incorporating physical activity into a curriculum. It is ideal for teachers and practitioners working with children aged 3 – 7 years.

£14.99 (incl. VAT)

You can purchase the book from Jessica Kingsley Publishing or Amazon