Inspired to Move Framework Overview

The Inspired to Move Online Framework is a supportive tool for those who provide PE and physical activities in Primary – from foundation stage to key stage 2.

The framework is divided into two sections:

Foundation Stage and Early Key Stage 1

This section is for children from the age of 3 to 7 years with a focus on early years. It provides members with access to knowledge, tools, ideas and support to develop effective and creative PE lessons as well as a holistic physical development programme, including adult led and child initiated activities throughout the week. It will not only provide members with ideas but also support them to develop their knowledge as to how to support children to develop in the ways they need to.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

This section will takes your children on a physical development journey, providing opportunities to practise and hone their control of fundamental movement skills, in Year 1, application of these skills in low level competition.  Key stage 2 will support children to acquire the movement competences to be confident participants in physical education, lower KS2 introduces a range of PE contexts, such as cross country, netball, gymnastics, athletics, and so on. The aim of this phase of learning is participation. Rewards should be given for active participation and eventually set your children up to participate in inter schools, competitive events.


FS & Early KS 1   –   £199 + vat

KS 1 & KS 2   –   £199 + vat

Full Primary   –   £359 + vat

You will receive a full years subscription with the choice to renewal at the end of the year.  The framework will be updated 3 times a year supporting your practice and giving you fresh ideas and inspiration.   We also welcome your feedback and ideas to inform the Inspired to Move Framework.

Subscriptions can be purchased on their own or as a package with training to underpin effective use of the tool – Please get in touch here

Annual Subscription from £199 + vat for a year (per school)