Children will naturally enjoy and flourish outside but for those time when it isn’t possible to be outside there are so many things you can do inside.

*Any of these activities can be done outside too!

Beanbag Relay Races

MM Indoors

Set up small teams of children who can take turns to collect the beanbags.


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Active Alphabet

In a large space work your way through the different letters of the alphabet by acting out the moves or make up your own.

Basic Actions

For Gross motor and Locomotor skills development (Large Muscles)

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Outdoors Indoors

When the weather is just too awful to go outdoors, bring the outdoors indoors to stay connected to nature.

MM Indoors

Raindrop Races

This activity is great for those very wet days.

Show children how the raindrops chase each other down the windows. Children can pretend to be raindrops and either roll, run or crawl from one end to the other end of the space. Eventually they can be teamed up and race against each other.

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MM Indoors

Action Insects

Acting out different insects will help children to learn about them while having the opportunity to move in different ways.

What insects can you think of?

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Weather Wonders

Activity Videos

Here are some activities that can easily be done indoors and outdoors.

Paper Fortune Teller

Paper Fortune Teller supports fine and gross motor development, social skills, mathematics, communication and literacy.

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Follow the Balloon

Great to help children to focus and follow instructions. They will also develop their gross motor skills.

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Hide the Spot

Great activity for body awareness, spatial awareness and following instructions.

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Download Large Flashcards

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Great activity for body awareness, spatial awareness and following instructions.

MM Indoors
MM Indoors
MM Indoors
MM Indoors

Animal Obstacle Course

Set up courses that will encourage children to move their bodies in different ways, throw, catch, kick, climb over objects, crawl through tunnels or slither under equipment.  

Place the picture of an animal next to the different sections of the course to encourage children to move in that way.  The imaginative aspect will make the activity interesting and exciting for children. 

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This develops gross motor skills (and fine motor skills), balance, coordination, spatial awareness, agility, pathways and hand-eye coordination.  

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Big Nursery Rhyme Videos

Why do nursery rhymes sitting down when you can make them big and active?

Supermarket Sweep

You can play this while shopping, in your kitchen, living room or classroom.

This will keep children occupied, challenged and help them discover many things.

Create your own images, made up of familiar and new foods.

Ask questions, such as: How many kinds of vegetables can you find? Is tuna a fish or a dog? What healthy toppings do you like on your pizza (e.g. mushrooms, sweetcorn, tomatoes, etc.)? Why should we eat yummy fruit? What colour is the inside of watermelons?

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