Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Children will develop their PSE skills through the following physical activities:

Emotional Literacy

Young children don’t always understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling these ways.

They need to learn through real-world experiences and discussions.

Discuss the feelings below and times they may feel these ways:

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Mini Yo! Mindfulness

We all need time away from being busy, stresses of life, irrespective of how old we are and just enjoy some calm in the moment. You can now use our mindfulness films to help your children to relax, and relax yourself. All postures are based on the Mini Yo! moves but are kept simple and slow so your children can concentrate on just being and relaxing.

You can also learn the moves and demonstrate them without the film.

Video 1
Butterfly – Rock – Cat
Video 2
Mountain – Warrior – Elephant
Video 3
Cobra – Puppy – Dog – Rock
Video 4
Gorilla – Chair – Bridge

Physical activities that support the development of PSED:

Active Stories to Support to Teach about Emotions

Lion and the Chair

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Emotions Cards

Create active stories based on the different emotions to help children make sense of what they are feeling

Download Images

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