Mini Yo!

Hello and Welcome to the Mini Yo! Portal

There are Mini Yo! Stories and each Story will include 4 Films:

The Story – A story that will include various moves that can be learnt through the Sequence films
Let’s Go – The easiest version of all the moves
Move Up – Slightly more advanced version of the moves than the Let’s Go films
Reach High – The most advanced version of the moves

How to Use the Films
Use easier versions (Let’s Go) for younger or less able children.
Repetition is good for younger children so it may be worth sticking with that level.
Allow older and more able children to move up from the Let’s Go moves to Move Up and eventually to the Reach High moves.

The Story
Once children have had a chance to learn the individual moves give the story a try.
The moves do not have to be done perfectly, the story should be high impact and engaging through imagination.

You can find the films here:

Week 1 to 3 – Wandering Through the Jungle

Week 4 to 6 – Butterfly and Frog’s Adventure

Week 7 to 9 – Warrior and his Cat

Week 10 to 12 – Baby Elephant wants to Play