Early Years Physical Development for Birth to 3 year olds Training Course

You will be able to work your way through the modules (see the list below) one at a time.
Each module will have a short informational film that you will need to watch.
Once you have watched the film please take the short test.
You will be required to achieve 75% to pass each test in every module.
Once you have passed a module you will be able to download supporting material and then move to the next module.
On completion of all modules you will receive a certificate in celebration of passing the course.

Good luck!


Module 1 – Benefits of Physical Activity
Module 2 – Physical Literacy, the basics
Module 3 – Brain Development
Module 4 – How and When
Module 5 – Working with Parents
Module 6 – Early Years Skills
Module 7 – Fundamental Movement Skills
Module 8 – Children are Individuals
Module 9 – Sedentary Behaviour
Module 10 – Enabling and Active Learning Environment
Module 11 – Pre-Walkers (Babies)
Module 12 – Balance
Module 13 – Co-ordination
Module 14 – Spatial Awareness
Module 15 – Agility
Module 16 – Differentiation and Progression
Module 17 – Weekly Physical Development
Module 18 – Fine Motor Development – The Basics
Module 19 – Including All – Special Educational and Physical Needs
Module 20 – Risk Taking and Risky Play