Mini Yo! For All

You will be able to work your way through the modules (see the list below) one at a time.
Each module will focus on a Mini Yo! Story and the Moves that make up the story.
Once you have watched the film please take the short quiz to see how much you remember. You will then be able to access the full story film.
Once you have completed a module you will be able to move to the next module.
On completion of all modules you should be comfortable to do the individual moves and the Mini Yo! stories with you children and perhaps create your own stories too.


Module 1 – Wandering Through the Jungle

Tree – Lion – Elephant – Cobra

Module 2 – Butterfly and Frog’s Adventure

Butterfly – Frog – Tree

Module 3 – Baby Elephant Wants to Play

Elephant – Bridge – Boat – Dolphin

Module 4 – Warrior and his Cat

Warrior – Aeroplane – Tree – Cat

Module 5 – Dancer Finds Some Friends

Dancer – Gorilla – Elephant – Mountain

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