Dancer Finds some Friends


First learn the individual moves

Dancer – Gorilla – Elephant – Mountain

Once you have shown children how to do the moves on their own then you can put them together to create the story.


Dancer Training
Gorilla Training
Elephant Training
Mountain Training

The moves are divided into 3 levels:

Let’s Go – The easiest version of all the moves

Move Up – Slightly more advanced version of the moves than the Let’s Go films

Reach High – The most advanced version of the moves

Try the easier versions first and then move to the intermediate and then harder versions.

See below the films for further explanations of the moves.

Take the Quiz to see how much you have learnt. Do it on your own or with your children.

Once you’ve completed the Quiz you will have access to the Full Dancer Finds some Friends Film.

Good luck!

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