Learning through Movement and Active Play Course

You will be able to work your way through the modules (see the list below) one at a time.
Each module will have a short informational film that you will need to watch.
Once you have watched the film please take the short quiz.
You will need to achieve 75% to pass the quiz and will be allowed 3 attempts.
Once you have passed a module you will be able to download supporting material and then move to the next module.
On completion of all modules you will receive a certificate in celebration of passing the course.

Good luck!


Module 1- Understanding the World, Part One
Module 2- Understanding the World, Part Two

Module 3- Expressive Arts and Design, Part One
Module 4- Expressive Arts and Design, Part Two
Module 5- Risk Taking and Risky Play
Module 6- Enabling and Active Learning Environment