Mini Yo! is an exciting and fun way for children of all ages, to develop physically, emotionally and creatively. The yoga-based moves and activities can be used for relaxing as well as encouraging children to be active.

Anyone can use Mini Yo! they are simple and are suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

You can enjoy Mini Yo! activities:

With the Mini Yo! Cards (see below)

Through Mini Movers Members here,

Mini Yo! Course here,

Mini Yo! Video Clips

Here are some clips of videos that can be found in the Mini Movers Membership and the Mini Yo! Training.

Mini Yo! Cards

This is a pack of cards you can take anywhere and used as flashcards for young children.

There are 20 different moves and ideas in the pack. The cards can be used for relaxing as well as being active. Try the story ideas for more high impact activity, which will engage children; young and old.

Mini Yo!
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Mini Yo! Sessions and Events

Regular Mini Yo! Sessions are run in various city and we deliver sessions for parents and children at Wellbeing events.

Mini Yo!
Mini Yo!
Mini Yo!
Mini Yo!
Mini Yo!