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Hello and Welcome to MoVE

Would you like to keep active, improve your balance, flexibility, independence, reduce pain and even reduce the risk of falling? Would you find it useful to have a tool that gives you easy instructions as to how you can do so?

MoVE is a tool full of physical activities, ideas, games and music that can really help those in later life be healthier, more active and independent. 

The MoVE Programme:

  • Will support you to gently exercise on a regular basis
  • Provides seated or standing options for all moves
  • Offers warm-up and cool-down exercises
  • Provides visual and auditory instructions
  • Provides an array of moves that will develop flexibility, strength and balance
  • Has a selection of movement to music moves, with appropriate music
  • And much much more to come…

How to Use the Films:

There is a 12 week plan with a combination of various moves and workouts.

Each week you will be provided with the workouts for that week and depending on your own level of movement you can choose from:

  • The Seated Workouts
  • The Standing Workouts
  • A Mixture according to how you feel at the time
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Care Home 1
Care Home 2b


Each week offers a workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

You don’t have to stick to these days if you prefer other days and if you are able to do a session every day that will be even better!

Please get in touch anytime here if you have any questions and need any assistance.