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Using the Framework

  • The Inspired to Move Framework includes a lot of information so will be updated three times a year (September, January and April) avoiding bombarding you with too much information!
  • Some information and downloads will be replaced from time to time (you will be informed) so it will be worth downloading everything you feel you might use.
  • There are many downloadable resources and information sheets that you can save to your computer and print.
  • Create an Inspired to Move folder on your computer and/or create a folder for printed outs and your own notes.

Using the different sections of the Framework to Plan your Week

Each week plan your PE lesson and activities throughout the week based on your curriculum outcomes and skills.
Planning as suggested below will allow you to ensure children have the opportunity to develop to their potential at a level that is suited to your group of children.

Curriculum Outcomes
Identify Outcomes from your curriculum to guide your lesson
Cross-curricular – how does this impact on other areas of learning/subjects

Identify 3 Physical Skills from the Physical Skills section, including Fundamental Movement Skills, to cover and focus on
Identify 2 Social and Emotional Skills to cover and focus on
Always be aware of the Foundations – Balance, Co-ordination, Spatial Awareness or Agility

Identify a warm up activity
Identify 3 or 4 Activities either of your own or from the bank of Activities that will cover the Outcomes, Skills and Foundations
Plan for differentiation & progression (PATTER)

Incorporate / Link your Topic into the activities

Differentiation and Progression
Use PATTER when planning for children of varying abilities.
Print out the PATTER poster and place on the wall in your hall and outside. This can remind you how to make quick changes to your activities when required.
Use PATTER when children are ready to progress to more challenging tasks

Sub Skills
Once activities are planned identify any other Skills that will be covered
These are Skills that you will not focus on but be aware that children have the opportunity to develop them

Holistic Planning
Link activities delivered in PE lesson to the whole week
– adult led repetition of activities throughout week
– child initiated opportunities to explore and practice skills (place physical skill cards in the outdoor area)
– home link, inform parents and carer about skills of the week and activity ideas

The more opportunities children have to try out new moves and skills the more they will develop.