I2M Families


Here at B Inspired we believe helping young children to grow and develop does not need to be complicated so it is all about keeping it simple.

Each month you will receive updates in each of the 5 sections below. They will include general subject information, activity idea and films that to support your children to be active and develop through movement and play.

We will continue to add new ideas, resources and activities each month but do get in touch if you have any suggestions that your you think would add to the I2M Families Programme.

Bertie and Friends

This section is all about adventures with Bertie and Friends.

Each month you will receive a new plan which will follow on from the previous month until we move onto a new story. Along with the planning you will also receive colourful storyboards, an observation sheet and pictures relating to the story for children to colour in.

The areas of learning are based on the English Early Years Curriculum and can easily be amended to suit your curriculum.

Mini Yo!

Mini Yo! is an exciting and fun way for children of all ages, to develop physically, emotionally and creatively. The yoga-based moves and activities can be used for relaxing as well as encouraging children to be active.

Every month you will receive either a Mini Yo! Story or a Mini Yo! Mindfulness Film. To get you started you will find both a Story and a Mindfulness film in month one.

If you have the Mini Yo! cards you can use them to create your own activities and stories.

Mini Moves

There are many physical skills and social & emotional skills that young children need to learn and develop.  These skills will all be developed through free play and physical activity as well as focussed physical activities. 

Most physical skills will not be performed with control in the early years, however the more opportunity children have to try and master them the easier they will find more complex games and sports when they are older.

Every months we will focus on a number of different skills.  Children will develop other skills, however the focus skills will be the basis for planning and support.

If you have the Mini Moves cards you can use them as individual flashcards or combine them to create activities and games.


Cross-Curricular Activities

Children will learn many things through physical activities and play, such as interacting with each other (social skills), numbers and how they fit together (mathematics) and new words and how they look and sound (literacy).

When planning for all other areas of learning/subjects, include a physical activity section.  This will allow you to teach children in the traditional way and enhance what they have learnt through movement and enjoyment.

Each month you will find activity ideas and information to support the development of the other areas of learning.


Agility – Balance – Coordination – Spatial Awareness

Children will need to develop good balance, agility, spatial awareness and coordination to underpin their physical ability, not only for games, activities and sports but also in order to complete day-to-day tasks.

It is therefore important to provide many opportunities, especially in the early years, for children to develop these Foundations (ABC’S).

Each month will focus on a different Foundation (ABC’S), providing information and activity ideas to support the development of that particular area.



If you have subscribed to the Full Membership you will be able to access Early Years Training Modules that you can do in your own time, starting with the full Early Years Physical Development Training Course.

Simply watch the Module video, take the short test, download the supporting material and your next module will be available a week later. This will make learning and developing your knowledge easy.

Click here to access the Training Portal.