Children will naturally enjoy and flourish outside when exploring new and known environments.

Just exploring different outdoor areas is a great way for children to be active, learn and develop. Here are some ideas to help make it even more exciting for them.

Superheroes to the Rescue

MM Outdoors

This activity requires a large space and can be enjoyed inside or outside.

Children will be encouraged to be very active through this engaging activity.

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Spring is finally here and is a great time to be outside and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Go on adventures to see if you can find signs of spring arriving.

Mini Beasts

Oh it’s so exciting to go hunting for mini beasts!

Becoming Butterflies

There is so much to learn about butterflies by going butterfly spotting, pretending to be butterflies from egg to adult butterfly, to colouring in their beautiful wings.

Braving the Elements

Spending time outside is important for children to develop physical skills, learn and develop through experience and they are more likely to catch a cold, and other bugs, indoors in winter as people bring viruses and bacteria in with them and then may pass them around, especially if the space is not well ventilated. If children are outside, they are less likely to share their bugs. Furthermore, fresh air can support the healing process, hence going outside, dressed appropriately, can be good for you when you are ill (unless you are advised not to by a medical professional).

Let’s get Physically Positive

Role model positive language when the weather is not your favourite.

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Winter Wonders

Let’s get outside and enjoy the outdoors in winter.

Download the Activity Sheet: Winter Wonders

I Can See

While you are outdoors, help children enjoy the wonders of nature through the challenge of I can See.

Ask questions, such as: How many trees can you see? What colour is the dog? What do squirrels eat? What can fly? What can you find in a tree? What can climb? etc.

Download the Activity Sheet: I Can See

Nature Hunt

Download the Activity Sheet: Nature Hunt

Can you find: