There are many skills  that young children need to learn and develop through play and physical activity. The more opportunity children have to try and master them the easier they will find more complex games and sports when they are older.

Mini Moves is a tool to help you incorporate these skills into activities on a daily basis.

Use the Mini Moves individually to help children to focus on one particular move or use more than one to create fun activities with a focus

Combine more than one move to create an Active Story or Activity

Incorporate the Mini Moves into other well-known activities

Access Mini Moves via the Member’s Site here

Mini Moves Cards

The Mini Moves Cards are a collection of 18 movement skills cards that children need to develop and animals/numbers cards to encourage them to move in different ways. 

These cards will encourage children to move while supporting the development of their literacy and mathematics skills. 

Mini Moves

Winner of 2018 Early Excellence Award

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