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Week Nine


Warm Up: Wrists – Lower back/abdominals – Ankle Circles

Main Moves: Tree – Dragon – Mosquito

Movement to Music: Bop – Saturday Night fever

Cool Down: Wrists – Neck, Upper Back and Shoulders – Heel Raises




Warm Ups: Hand Rubbing – Neck/shoulders – Toe Taps

Main Moves: Soldier / Marching – Mosquito – Boxer – Alphabet

Cool Down: Stretch – Leg raises/hips, knees and ankles – Toe Raises


Warm Ups: Elbows – Pulse raiser – Knee Lifts

Main Moves: Mosquito – Aeroplane – Sunshine

Movement to Music: Charleston – Night fever

Cool Down: Wrists – Lower back/abdominals – Ankle Circles

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