Key Stage 1 and 2 Area

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Key Stage 1

Since 2010 the way children learn to move has been debated across the globe.

In 2014, the updated National Curriculum introduced an up to date vision of how children should be taught to move.

In this new curriculum, Key Stage 1 Physical Education, now focuses the majority of its objectives on teaching specific fundamental movement skills. In comparison, the previous curriculum was driven by context, which meant the early introduction of physical education scenarios, rather than the movements needed to be successful in them.

Our 2016 PE Framework, takes your children on a physical development journey, starting with the introduction of a range of physical movements in Foundation Stage, into further opportunities to practise and hone their control of these skills, in Year 1.

Year 2, then focuses on the development of core fundamental movement skills, application of these skills in basic contexts and introduces low level competition.

Lower Key Stage 2

After acquiring the movement competences to be confident participants in physical education, lower KS2 introduces a range of PE contexts, such as cross country, netball, gymnastics, athletics, and so on. The aim of this phase of learning is participation. Rewards should be given for active participation.

Upper Key Stage 2

After engaging in the participation phase of the PE Framework, the children will be introduced to a more competitive phase. The level of competition, within the lessons, should dependent on the levels of confidence and competence. Lessons should include small sided games/competition (Intra school competition) this should be the outcome of these units.

These lessons should set your children up to participate in inter schools, competitive events.