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Month Two

Welcome back.

This month Bertie and his friends are continuing their journey, you can continue to relax with the second Mindfulness film.

You can help children to develop more skills. This month’s skills are Hop, Throw and Catch. We will be focussing on the foundation of Co-ordination  and do more activities that help develop other areas of learning.

We are so pleased you are continuing this exciting journey with us and hope you have a great month ahead.

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Planning with Bertie

Welcome to Month Two of Planning with Bertie.

Each month you will receive a new plan which will follow on from the previous month until we move onto a new story.

Below are month two Storyboards that you can click on and they will expand.

You can also download your:

Mini Yo! Mindfulness

We all need time away from being busy, stresses of life, irrespective of how old we are and just enjoy some calm in the moment. You can now use our mindfulness films to help your children to relax, and relax yourself. All postures are based on the Mini Yo! moves but are kept simple and slow so your children can concentrate on just being and relaxing.

This month’s Mindfulness film includes the following moves:

Mountain – Warrior – Elephant

Try this month’s film to relax (click here

You can also learn the moves and demonstrate them without the film.

Mini Moves

This month’s Skills are: Hop – Throw – Catch

Introduce children to each move individually to give them a chance to try them and start to develop them or develop control over the moves.

Combine two or all three moves to create new activities.

Add the skills to activities you already do or this month’s activities to give children more opportunity to develop them.

Print off the attached flashcards to use during activities, place in the outdoor area to allow children to try them on their own in their own time.

If you have the Mini Moves Cards, you can use them too.

Click the below links to download the Information and Flashcards.

Cross-Curricular Activities

We are going to look at Mathematics through movement and play as well as other areas of learning.

We are going to start by focussing on the area of learning- Physical Well-being through movement and play this month. Have a look at the diagram below. You can also download the following Cross-Curricular Activities:

Active Alphabet 2

Number Circles

Paper Fortune Teller

These activities cover Language, Literacy and Communication, Mathematics/Numeracy, PSED Health and Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity, Expressive Arts and Design Creative Development, Knowledge of and Understanding the World and includes the Mini Moves Skills.

When children are being active they will naturally develop:


Agility – Balance – Coordination – Spatial Awareness

Children (and adults) will need to develop good balance, agility, spatial awareness and coordination to underpin their physical ability, not only for games, activities and sports but also in order to complete day-to-day tasks.

It is therefore important to provide many opportunities, especially in the early years, for children to develop these foundations.

This month is all about Co-ordination. Here is an activity you could try to help develop balance – Ball Stop


You will have access to ongoing training modules that you can do in your own time. Each module will take you 10 to 20 minutes. The aim is to make it simple, informative and before you know it you have learnt something new each week!

If you have subscribed to the Full Membership you will be able to access Early Years Training Modules, starting with:

Course 1 – Early Years Physical Development Training Course – 20 Modules

When you complete all modules in this course you will move to the next course.

Course 2 – Mini Yo!

Course 3 – Mini Minds (Early Years Emotional and Mental Health)

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