We have put together a selection of activities to support your physical development programme, we will also continue to add new activities and welcome your activity ideas to share with others.

Activity Ideas – Autumn
Activity Ideas – Spring
Activity Ideas – Summer


You will find the full list of activities in this section.  Links for downloadable versions can be found under each activity.  Each activity has an outline of benefits and if they are suitable for year 1 children, progression is included.

Differentiation and Progression


Most activities are suitable for all young children, however please see this section to support you to ensure the activities are age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate for your children.



This section includes topic ideas and suggestions as to how you can amend activities to make them topic-appropriate.

Creating new Activities

You will already have a raft of activities that you use, however it is important to create new activities that will take into account children’s interests and abilities.
Ensure the activities are engaging and fun.  Use stories, animals and imagination to make activities more enjoyable and attainable.
Include children’s own ideas and input as much as you can when creating new activities.
The good old activities and games have stuck around for a reason – they’re good!  Hence rather than always feeling the need to create new games, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Use old activities and freshen them up with small changes such as adding skills, including imagination and tools, etc.

Skills of Week

When planning around skills, support children to have the opportunity to develop all skills they need.  However this does not have to mean you have to change everything you do.
You can set up activities based on a single skill or based on two or more skills.
Skills can easily be incorporated into familiar active stories (such as the bear hunt), obstacle courses, Simon Says, games such as the Traffic Light game, etc.