I2M Activities

Below is a list of activity ideas that you can use on a daily basis and also include in planned PE lessons.

Movement to Music and Dance

There are different ways to use music to support children’s physical development and to encourage them to move, including;
Free movement to music
Move faster and slower to tempo
Move higher and lower to levels of music
Move with different weight, e.g. stomp and tip toe, to music
Body part movement – moving individual body parts whilst also moving to the music
Move props to music – give children a selection of resources/equipment.  They should move the equipment to the music whilst also moving.  Children swap resources with each other and repeat.  Children to move resources in pairs.
Create stories to music
5 Dance Basics to create dances


  • Children explore a range of body movements and body shapes.
  • Learn about their bodies and the space around them, moving safely.
  • Start to understand levels and directions in space.
  • Work in pairs, copy and mimic a partner’s movements.
  • Developing spatial awareness, balance, coordination and poise.
  • Developing body management skills through moving at different speeds, in different directions and stopping.
  • Create and perform a dance with other.

Ideas of Music

  • Modern and old appropriate pop music
  • Children specific music (e.g. Busy Feet, Sticky Kids)
  • Classical Music (e.g. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons)